24 February 2017

Protea Project

Last year the boss brought some Protea seeds back from a trip to South Africa which I attempted to grow. I didn't have much success only managing to get three seedlings one of which died, another got eaten by mice and the remaining one got taken to London. So not wanting to be beaten on the first go I've decided to have another go so I did a bit of research before buying a few more seeds and a seed primer sheet which is something I didn't have or even knew about last time.

Here you can see the three packets of Protea seeds plus the seed primer packet.

The primer comes in the form of an impregnated sheet of paper which you have to soak for a few minutes in warm water which turns green when ready to use. 
Instructions for the primer.
This is how things stand at the moment. Because I have three different variety of seeds and only one primer I needed three different containers so as the packets are made of foil I just put a drop of primer in each packet that way there can be no mix ups.
Some time today I will sow the seeds, it recommends that they are soaked for between 8 and 24 hours so they have spent the night in the kitchen here at home - thankfully no one has made a nice cup of tea with them.

18 February 2017

A View From Pilsley.

We had a nice drive down to my parents stopping off at Bamford for a spot of lunch and a look around the garden centre. After that we popped in at Chatsworth farm shop at Pilsley where we bought a few bits and bobs.

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Home Visit

Today we are taking a road trip ending up at my parents home sometime this afternoon.

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17 February 2017

No Money, No Brawn - Just A Will.

I was asked yesterday to remove this white rose that grows behind the bench. By remove I mean cut off at ground level, one person actually suggesting I dig it up altogether. I wasn't happy about it and even less happy that no other solution was considered first. It's fair to say that the wall behind the rose needs repairing desperately but something could be done to appease both the builders and gardener. Anyway I have taken it upon myself to take the rose away from the wall and tie it back out of the way until the work has been done when it can once again be tied back on to the wall. This has met with the builders approval so everything should be good.

The moral of this story is that if you have brains and will, you don't need either money or brawn.

16 February 2017

A Bit Of A Mess.

Today has been a bit of a mess (like in the picture) as I planned on doing more work on the South Front but got interrupted so decided to move to the Lily Pond Area and do some tidying up there only to have my plans disrupted there too. At the moment I'm felling like what's the point in trying to do anything because it seems that whatever I do my plans get thwarted.

12 February 2017

Removing Ivy.

One of the jobs that I undertook last week was to remove some overhanging Ivy from the wall opposite the potting shed. The main reason for this being that it spends all summer shedding leaves below. Also it appears to be pushing the Fig tree away from the corner. Anyway I gave it a trim and later on when it greens up I think it will be an improvement to the area.

31 January 2017

Getting Nasty In The Raspberry Patch.

This Raspberry patch has been pretty much out of control ever since I came here and has become more so as time passes despite my best efforts to get on top of it by forking and spot weeding. The main problem is Bindweed mixed with a few Nettles.

So as I wasn't having much effect by being nice, three years ago I decided to get nasty and dug out two of the four rows of Raspberries and then spent the following summer getting rid of the weeds by spraying with Roundup. I had to give two or three applications before the ground was free from any signs of Bindweed and I was able to replant with new Raspberry canes.
So as to not leave the house without any Raspberries I have had to leave the new canes to grow on for a couple of years before uprooting the next two rows for ground cleaning work, this is what I did last week. 

Furthest away is the new row of summer fruiting variety plus one row of Autumn fruiting canes which have yet to have supports added. The two rows nearest have been removed and all this ground up to the two new rows will be kept sprayed off this next summer including the row of Artichokes that you can see in the bottom of the picture. I have saved canes and split one Artichoke plant to clean and save for replanting when the ground is clean, these will be grown on in a different location for the time being.